Instrument Rentals

Dear Band Parent,

You may be considering renting or purchasing an instrument for your child enrolled in the school instrumental music program.

Congratulations on a wise consideration!

Music is not only enriching; it is fun! Throughout history, music has been considered basic to all learning. The learning of music teaches students good achievement, social skills, and builds strong character and confidence.

As soon as your child learns to play, encourage him or her to play for your friends and family. Your pride creates pride within your child.
We all do things for our own reasons. Help your child realize that playing a musical instrument is a source of happiness. That alone will become a reason to practice.

While you are busy being a coach, try to be a cheerleader, too!


Gary Bowman, President
& Our Staff of Specialists

Rent to Own

Your child will be able to start playing in the school band or orchestra with a name brand instrument - new or used - for a low monthly rental fee.

Rental Payments Apply Toward Purchase

A portion of you monthly rental payments apply towards the purchase of the instrument. You may continue renting the instrument as long as you wish, or until paid in full.


5 Months Same as Cash

If the balance of the instrument is paid off within the first 5 months of the rental period, no finance charge will be assessed


Rental Returns

In the event your child does not continue to play, simply return your instrument to MORGENROTH MUSIC CENTERS and your payments will automatically stop. Please call us at 1-800-462-0013 if you have any questions as to the procedure for return.


Exchange of Instrument

Generally, students can play the instrument they originally select, or that which is recommended by their teacher. However, if a problem develops, and the teacher recommends it, we will apply up to 12 payments made on one instrument to another student level instrument.



To better serve you, we have an up-to-date instrument repair shop staffed by professional, highly skilled personnel. They are ready to give you fast, reliable, expert service.


Maintenance & Replacement Coverage (M&R)

Coverage includes replacement of the instrument in the event of loss by fire or theft. It also includes all adjustments and repairs needed to keep the instrument in excellent playing condition. M&R fees are $4.00 per month for most instruments, and $6.00 per month for saxophones, cellos, and the larger brass instruments. We must insist that all maintenance and repair work be performed by us.


Morgenroth Music Centers

  • Represents all major band instrument franchises
  • Rents and sells only quality educator approved instruments, new and used.
  • Guarantees all instruments to be in excellent playing condition.


If you have any questions concerning our rental-purchase plan, please call the MORGENROTH MUSIC CENTER nearest you. Or, call toll free 1-800-462-0013.

Monthly Rental Plan

(Examples do not include M&R coverage)

$25.00 - $30.00

A new or rental-return flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, violin or viola

$20.00 - $25.00

New or Used Drum Kit

$45.00 - $65.00

New or Rental-Return alto sax, teno sax and cello

$35.00 - $45.00

Used alto saxophones; these are first-come, first-serve basis.

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